40 Years Of Struggle: Ryukyu Independence Movement

According to the referendum in Ryukyu Prefect, 75% voters support Ryukyu to become an independent state.

Ryukyu Islands have a population of 1.4 million people, and is home to 74% of US troops stationed in Japan. A deep rooted anti-Japanese sentiment, along with a strong presence of foreign military forces and a high crime rate related to the US troops constantly fuel the independence movement.

Ryukyu people held a rally urging to establish an Interim Government independent from Japan, calling to form a close tie with China and demand the United States to withdraw all its troops from the Islands.

The revival of the neo-Fascist movement in Japan and the US military presence in the islands bring a sense of urgency to the Ryukyu people about the danger they’re facing. They refuse to be used as sacrificial lambs at the alter of the impending war.

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