Some Gambling Addiction Signs And Symptoms

Gambling addiction is always referred to as a head and illness because there are no physical symptoms which you can recognise other than alcohol addiction. This is not exactly true. You can actually recognise a person who has a gambling addiction, because of his physical symptoms. He will start displaying anxiety, stress, weight loss and more, because he would not be able to gamble whenever he wanted to. People who have a gambling problem actually deny or minimise the problem, even in their own mind. They start telling themselves that it is not exactly a problem, but the first step to recovery is recognition. You need to recognise that you have a problem and, you need to start seeking help. We need to do whatever you can to get over the addiction, because, it will start affecting your job, your relationships and your bank account.

Here are some signs and symptoms that you should look out for.

  1. The people who probably have a secret addiction to gambling always feel the need to be secretive about their gambling addiction. They would have a secret life that you would not know about. You should not force them to divulge the information, but, you can be that confidant and let them come to you. It will never work if you force them; they will start retaliating against you.
  2. If you know, someone is constantly gambling, and if they’re having trouble controlling the frequency, they probably have a gambling addiction. They probably did not tell you about it, but you should try and find out. Especially if your close person is facing this, you can keep track of that financial statements to see where the money is going.Gambling Addiction
  3. If the people who you are suspecting gamble even when they do not have money, they probably have a gambling addiction. If they are ready to spend their last dollar in a casino, they are in trouble. If they do not even keep money aside for credit card bills, electricity and water bills or even for that children and if they want to pay everything to a casino, they definitely have a severe gambling addiction that they need to get a hold of.
  4. Friends and family members will definitely be worried about the person who is addicted to gambling. Denial is something that will harm you in the long run. If you feel you are infected with a gambling problem, you should not deny it. How about you diagnose yourself, with the help of the internet? After proper diagnosis, if you conclude that you do have a gambling addiction, the next thing that you should do is seek help. Professional help is essential.

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