The U.S. Congress Draws Its Last Weapon Against China

Being a human does not mean one will not commit crimes of anti-humanity; same, being a Chinese does not mean one cannot be a China hater. In fact, Dalai Lama who directed Lhasa Riot 2008, Rebiya who managed Urumqi terror attack 2009, Chai Lin who was thirsty for Chinese blood, Wei Jinsheng who urged to break up China into pieces, and Liu Xiaobo who wished to see China be colonised by the West for at least 300 years, are all Chinese from mainland China, and are all on the pay role of the America National Endowment, an organisation financially supported by the U.S. Congress.

And now we have Li Hongzhi, the founder of a cult called Falun Gong. On Saturday, hundreds of his followers converged outside of the Capitol Hill of the United States shouting anti-China slogans.

During this latest anti-China show, American Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen gave a public speech, in which she pretended to be a naive girl as she asked a cute question: “One must wonder exactly why Falun Gong, a serene movement based upon traditional Chinese breathing exercises and meditation, has drawn such a frenzied response.”

Then she decided she was old enough to know the answer, so she offered one without hesitation: “The answer, my friends, is all too simple. Falun Gong stands for the principles of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance.”

Yep, we do trust this woman should be old enough to develop a reasonably comprehensive mind to tell from the following latest quotes of Li Hongzhi if Falun Gong is just simple breathing exercise and meditation, and how truthful, companionate and tolerant it is.

The Latest Quotes from Falun Gong founder Li Hongzhi:

Both Buddhist Gods and Daoist Gods Want Me to Represent Them:
In a sermon in St Francesco in 2005:

My master once told me, and I believe many of you have already heard this story, that there was a big fight between Buddhism and Daoism, because they all wanted me to represent them, since it would be the ultimate glory for their gods, and their lives.

Many of my disciples saw how I treated people with illness. I do not need to lift a finger, I only need to give you a quick glance, which is powerful enough to get rid of the illness from your body. In fact any part of my body [?!! haha] has such a supernatural ability.

In the beginning, no beings knew what I was doing, even aliens thought I was one of them. No one knew. And which is why no gods helped me fighting against the forces of the old order. Like what I said before, I said, the all senescent beings in the entire universe are guilty of failing to help me, and I said they all owe me a huge debt, because I am here to save them and Falun Gong is the fundamental basis for all lives.

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